Happy Sunday, y’all! I’m enjoying my morning cup of joe and reading @snotenboom’s newest blog post! This girl is our ambassador for living fearlessly and speaking your mind! Head on over to http://www.loveinfinitely.org/blog to check it out! ❤️ Cc: @loveinfinitelyproject @love_leaders #loveinfinitely #loveinfinitelyblog #loveinfinitelyproject #LIP

20 Question Tuesday: Brenda Rodriguez!

                                 1. Do you have any nicknames? ~ B 2. What do you love most about yourself? ~ I do more than I talk. 3. What is your favorite line from your favorite song? ~ Happiness hit her, like a train onContinue reading “20 Question Tuesday: Brenda Rodriguez!”


                               As many of you may (or may not) know, I am one of the East Coast representatives for the Love Infinitely Project, created by the amazing Brenda! My best friend Noelle introduced me to Brenda and her Love Infinitely Shop where Noelle began buying as much jewelry and swag as possible (the ‘HoldContinue reading “Weeeeeeeeee…”