In Defense of Wagging

We had to take our one year old fox red lab to the vet last week.

Unexpected veterinary visits are always stressful. So far, we’ve had two: Yesterday, and one day in the fall when Bridger – that’s his name – wasn’t pooping and wasn’t interested in his food. Turns out he was all jammed up from housing food like the crazy puppy that he was is and needed some meds to, ahem, help move things along.

Yesterday, my husband and I each got a phone call from daycare around 5pm.

Wait, wait. A quick word on this.

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I started blogging in 2009. The site doesn’t exist anymore, but the URL was I wrote about 3-4 posts before I decided to give it up – as someone who was passionate about writing, I felt like my message was unclear. My words too messy. The theme was designed to closely resemble Peyton Sawyer’s bedroom – her art, her music, her moodiness.


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