Runner’s World Half Marathon Race Recap

Just focus on the feeling of being back. That was the thing I had to keep telling myself over and over again after mile 6. For 7 more miles I continued to repeat that over and over again, the weight of each bounding stride telling me to stop moving and walk off the course. NeedlessContinue reading “Runner’s World Half Marathon Race Recap”

Streak Running: What I’m Doing, Why I’m Doing It, and Whether or Not I Care if You ‘Unfollow’ Me (I Do)

Raise your hand if you know what streak running is. (No, it doesn’t include nudity.) Streak running is when you decide to run for a certain period of time for a certain length of time. For instance, one mile every day for a month. Or, ten minutes every day for six months. You get myContinue reading “Streak Running: What I’m Doing, Why I’m Doing It, and Whether or Not I Care if You ‘Unfollow’ Me (I Do)”

The End of the Golden Year, The Start of Something Good

Holy crap, I’ve been alive for thirty years. That was my first thought when I woke up on July 29th. My 20s were filled with so much growth and change. I started that decade off with my first real break-up, the ending of a friendship with one of my best friends, and the changing schools,Continue reading “The End of the Golden Year, The Start of Something Good”

my love is all you need, don’t look back again

This picture was taken on one of the best days of my life. I know that’s quite a statement – a pinpointed moment in time when one was truly happy, when all seemed to be right with the world. It’s true, it happened, I remember it, I was there. If I could go back inContinue reading “my love is all you need, don’t look back again”

An Open Letter to a Closed Person

Dear you, I remember when I was twenty or twenty-one years old I returned to church and gave a talk during a retreat about my experience as a twenty-something living a spiritual lifestyle. I wanted to send a message to these high school students that being “different” is okay – that believing in angels and saints,Continue reading “An Open Letter to a Closed Person”

On Death, in Sadness

Widow Walking Through Cemetery, The New York Public Library Digital Collections I work in a place where customers become family, where family become customers, where everybody knows your name. Well, maybe not quite. But it’s my own version of Cheers, except without the booze. (Sigh. If only we had booze.) It’s also a place where the age range ofContinue reading “On Death, in Sadness”