Blizzard 2016

Okay, I’m just going to come out and say it – I love the snow. Like, love, love, love the snow. I love the calm beauty of it all. It’s almost like the earth is in one long savasana (and spring is when you start bringing feeling back to your fingers and toes – I’veContinue reading “Blizzard 2016”

An Ode to Running

This post is dedicated to all of the runners out there… Whether you’re running to something, from something, or for something, we’re all one big happy running family once our feet start moving. Celebrate National Running Day on June 4th by visiting and printing your custom bib to declare why you run. 

My CSA Experience

Ever since I started running my mouth about how we had signed up for a CSA this year (translation = Community Supported Agriculture) people have been begging for details at my earliest convenience. Well folks – you asked for it, you got it! First off, what is a CSA? Local Harvest (which I mention belowContinue reading “My CSA Experience”