The End of the Golden Year, The Start of Something Good

Holy crap, I’ve been alive for thirty years. That was my first thought when I woke up on July 29th. My 20s were filled with so much growth and change. I started that decade off with my first real break-up, the ending of a friendship with one of my best friends, and the changing schools,Continue reading “The End of the Golden Year, The Start of Something Good”

On Death, in Sadness

Widow Walking Through Cemetery, The New York Public Library Digital Collections I work in a place where customers become family, where family become customers, where everybody knows your name. Well, maybe not quite. But it’s my own version of Cheers, except without the booze. (Sigh. If only we had booze.) It’s also a place where the age range ofContinue reading “On Death, in Sadness”

An Ode to Running

This post is dedicated to all of the runners out there… Whether you’re running to something, from something, or for something, we’re all one big happy running family once our feet start moving. Celebrate National Running Day on June 4th by visiting and printing your custom bib to declare why you run.