my love is all you need, don’t look back again


This picture was taken on one of the best days of my life. I know that’s quite a statement – a pinpointed moment in time when one was truly happy, when all seemed to be right with the world. It’s true, it happened, I remember it, I was there.

If I could go back in time and press ‘pause’, I would. If I knew then what I know now, I may never have left that island.

The day started as usual – waking up, breathing in the salt air, feeling the ocean beneath me. A part of my soul had yet to be introduced to this place; it was unfamiliar, unexplored. Within seconds of stepping onto the island I felt home, I felt safe. My deep skin was overly browned from the sun, but I didn’t feel excess that day. It was as if I had immunity; I was someone who belonged.

That day I reconnected with myself, my love for the sea, and my appreciation for being alive. How much it took for me to awaken was simple compared to what it had taken for me to sleep in the first place. The sand was white, pure. The waves were cloudy from a storm, but I did not fear.

What I remember most is that the beach reminded me that time is fleeting, we are both limited and limitless, and as humans we must chase dreams to survive. Only when we reach them are we truly living.


I learned more in that one single day than I have in my almost-thirty years on this earth. Embrace life, face fear, and rock the stars. Never give up, never allow defeat to win over passion. Have a little faith in yourself.


And most of all, have fun.

Seriously… enjoy the ride.



Post originally appeared April 18, 2010 on The Adventures of Soul Rebel

Blog Title: Lyric from Tristan Prettyman’s “My Love”

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