I started blogging in 2009. The site doesn’t exist anymore, but the URL was I wrote about 3-4 posts before I decided to give it up – as someone who was passionate about writing, I felt like my message was unclear. My words too messy. The theme was designed to closely resemble Peyton Sawyer’s bedroom – her art, her music, her moodiness.


So in March of 2010, I started a Tumblr account. Less pressure, more photos, more availability to reblog. (You can read the archive from that month here if you’re interested.) I kept up with it pretty regularly, sitting at work and scrolling for hours on end to reblog, repost, repeat. I posted quotes, lyrics, photos from my day. I had recently gotten my first MacBook and felt like the hours spent on Tumblr were hours well spent.

a reblog, from my old blog, from someone else’s blog. 

In 2011 we moved to Wyoming, and I kept up regularly with posts from our trip cross-country and happenings in the Like-No-Place-on-Earth-state. And then in the next year or so, at least in my realm of the world, social media exploded. Amidst the hashtag frenzy that ensued, somewhere along the line I realized that in all of my time spent on Tumblr I had actually missed the blogging bug. I missed the boat.

With that being said, I read a lot of blogs. Whenever you read the stereotypical post of “How I Got Started Blogging” you will probably be surprised as to how many people cite “timing” as their reason for success. Mine wasn’t there. I was too busy reblogging on Tumblr and hitting the heart button on Instagram.

In 2013 I created [the original] The Whistling Trout. I sort of felt like I had given in: My blog might only be for me, it might never have millions of followers, and I might as well just be true to myself and write.

It also became clear that a lot of catchy blog names including my own name were already taken, like ‘Sincerely Stephanie’ and ‘Simply Stephanie’, and seriously, what would those blogs have been about, anyway? My love affair with crafting or scrapbooking? Uh, no. Sorry. Trying to create a lifestyle blog for myself was like trying to spin straw into gold. My life is so hectic. I will never take perfect photos of food that I’ve created in my kitchen because by the time it’s done, I literally cannot wait to eat it. You probably don’t want to see selfies on me on my runs because my face is usually covered with salt and my cheeks are red and my main focus is either the split time or some days just simply making it through the end of a mile. You also probably could care less about what I’m wearing (#OOTD) because some days it’s literally jeans and a t-shirt and those are things that you definitely have in your closet.

If I haven’t totally turned you off by now, this is the part where I ask you to stick with me. I’m not sure where my writing will take me, but I’m really glad that you’re here, and I hope that you stay tuned for all that is to follow. I think we’re on to something good.

Grand Canyon, Part I. 2011. Can you smell the vastness? 


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