Bringing the Feeling Back

We had a long week at work with a big auction on Friday night, and decided that we needed a break from it all.

I knew that if we stayed at home for the weekend, I would find myself bogged down with spring cleaning. Organizing the office. Getting the laundry done. Dusting. I’d find an errand to run, and then convince myself that I might as well go grocery shopping, and then, and then, and then.

So we decided to pack up and head to the beach.

The hardest part about not living at the beach is not being engulfed in salt air. (It’s funny, because I also say that the hardest part about not living at the mountains is not being wrapped in the mountain air.)

As soon as we got down on Saturday, I could tell that we didn’t exactly plan accordingly. The weather forecast showed a sunny Saturday but a rainy Sunday. Turns out, we had two rainy days back-to-back.

Sometimes you really just read a rainy day to refocus. So I read. All. Day. I wish I would have brought more writing materials down – I feel unfocused otherwise – but reading always gives me bursts of creativity for new projects.

I wrapped up ‘How To Be Here‘ by Rob Bell on Saturday, and started on ‘The Winter People‘ by Jennifer McMahon on Sunday. (Don’t forget – I’m on GoodReads, so you can follow along!)

‘How To Be Here’ was super inspiring, as I knew that it would be. I love Rob Bell’s writing style. It really reminded me of ‘Big Magic‘ by Elizabeth Gilbert. I love that authors are taking to paper to write about creativity and life’s purpose.

‘The Winter People’ …I don’t even know where to begin. It’s spooky, but mystical, and even though I’m not totally sure where the book is going, I’m really enjoying it so far. I’ve never read ‘Pet Cemetery’ by Stephen King, but I’ve been seeing a lot of comments on GoodReads comparing the two.

After the weekend I concluded that even though I got absolutely nothing done, sometimes you need to just get away from the to-do list and just be.

And so we were.

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