Greetings! I hope everyone enjoyed their Memorial Day weekend and celebrated the summer kick off! 

We started the weekend by heading to yoga early Saturday morning (a little too early, since we didn’t go to bed until 3am!) Me, Stephen, his sister and her husband all headed to a yoga class that was held on a rooftop deck overlooking the ocean. Talk about a morning pick-me-up! In the five years I have known Stephen I have never once heard him express interest in yoga – but he was the one who was waking me up, telling me that we would feel so much better after we went. I love his motivation! (Even if his downward dog needs a little help…) Overall it was a great class and I can’t wait to head back next weekend! (I need to start bringing my camera to document these moments, but since my camera is on my phone, I went phone-free!)

The next day we took the boat out fishing. Since my fishing has always been limited to off the beach or the riverbanks, I was actually pretty nervous to fish on the boat. After the rods were set with clams to hopefully catch some drumfish, we passed the spin rod around and not so surprisingly, I had a really difficult time casting! In the end the only thing that mattered was that we came home with this delicious drumfish. 

Stephen and his catch
This was my first time eating drumfish – it was delicious! The easiest way to describe it is that it has the consistency of lobster but the mild flakiness of cod. It seems like it would be a great fish to cook in parchment paper with some fresh herbs and veggies. In typical fashion, I put my hand on the fish and blessed it for providing us with dinner. Everyone laughed, but it’s just my thing. Just because I eat it doesn’t mean I love it any less! 


my view from the boat that day – not a cloud in the sky!


coming home at sunset 

Monday was filled with a ten mile run, country music, domestic light beer, hours by the pool, and hot dogs and hamburgers. How can one go wrong? I also took a moment to thank all of our past and present troops for giving their lives to this country – I have immense gratitude to all who serve or who have served! 
What did you guys do for #MDW2014? 
until next time! 

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