Happy Hump Day!

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I have been so busy since we returned from Wyoming (which was the best trip ever, by the way… aside from living there!) I haven’t had a chance to update you on all of the spring happenings that are upon us! 
I’ve been busy running and welcoming my new niece into the world: Lily. She is beautiful and small and the best thing to ever happen to my family. We are so blessed and I can’t wait to spoil her! 
I’ve also been busy finishing up this session for my graduate courses. I have a week or so until the next one starts up again, so you know what that means — time to read! I popped over the library yesterday and picked up Coraline, by Neil Gaiman. Coraline is one of my favorite movies, but I’ve never read the book. I can’t wait! (Thanks to Sam for taking me to the library on campus!) 

Spring equals two very important things: (ok, maybe three things…) Canning, Juicing, and Running Without Having to Dress for the Arctic Tundra. Canning is one of my favorite hobbies and I’m looking forward to all of the delicious spring creations that I can preserve for the summer and fall! I also love juicing, and now that spring fruits and veggies are upon us, the price point is a little more affordable to juice daily. Here are my two go-to recipes: 1) Green Juice: romaine, spinach and/or kale, celery, broccoli stem, cucumber, green apple, ginger, turmeric. 2) Red Juice: carrots, beets, green apple, ginger. I also love juicing with fennel and parsnips. I just love juicing in general.
I also purchased what I consider to be the most awesome planner ever. Ever. Yes, you heard me. I have been using a planner since they handed me one in homeroom on my first day of high school. Since then, I have been writing quotes, goals, funny inside jokes (most of which I don’t remember/understand), shopping lists, you name it. I’ve upgraded, downgraded, and can be so particular that I’ve actually been known to purchase multiple planners in a year. (I know what this looks like, but I actually had to get a new one because my previous planner ran on the academic year and only went until June.)
I present to you: The Passion Planner.
I’ve added some photos of what the month and week look like, but I highly encourage you to visit the website (www.passionplanner.com) and check it out for yourself. Basically, it’s everything I’ve ever hoped for in a planner. I’ll just leave it at that. 
And finally, I had the pleasure of helping Mancake at work earlier this week. He gets to hang out with awesome antique and vintage items all day, and we have so much fun that I sometimes forget we’re even working. Here are some of my findings… 
Until next time!

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