November + Holiday Gift Guide


It’s hard to believe that this time next week most of us will be preparing for Thanksgiving festivities! In advance, I’m wishing you and your family the happiest of holidays.
As you know, I absolutely love this time of year. Here’s how I’ve been keeping myself busy…

having breakfast with my mancake before work
making homemade chili and skillet cornbread
(the ONLY way to make cornbread!)
canning (spicy pickled carrots… delish!)
fish scouting with this guy

I was totally enjoying the autumn bliss yesterday until one of my co-workers announced that there were ONLY FIVE WEEKS UNTIL CHRISTMAS. 
Hold the phone. WHAT?! I mean, I guess I really should have seen this coming. I have a planner and I can count. 
I’m sure that some of you are probably feeling the same way, which is why I wanted to share my Holiday Gift Guide! 

1) Silver Pencils Home

My beautiful and talented friend Brandi started Silver Pencils as a bridal shop full of gorgeous accessories for your big day, but recently has added SILVER PENCILS HOME, where she sells totes, paper products, home decor, jewelry, hair accessories, keychains, kids clothing/accessories, and my personal favorite, scarves! 

Brandi modeling the Rocky Mountain Flannel Scarf
Big Sky Flannel Scarf
Oh Pioneer Antler Necklace (I’m a proud owner myself!)
Baby Hats & Beanies

2) For Love of Stitching + Arbonne

Seriously, who doesn’t love a good cross stitch? One of my best friends, Becky, has got you covered! Her shop, FOR LOVE OF STITCHING, features adorable completed cross stitch scenes that make great gifts when framed (Tip: Find a picture frame that you no longer use and give it a little sandpaper makeover. Voila! Rustic and kitschy, my favorite!)
Save Water
Cherish all living things
Small Brown Handmade Mat
In addition, Becky also sells Arbonne products. If you haven’t tried Arbonne yet, you are totally missing out on a great, safe product line, so I highly recommend that you buy as gifts and add a few items for yourself while you’re at it!
FC5 Complexion Perfecting Set
Arbonne Baby Care Set
and here’s a photo of Becky because she’s just so darn adorable.
(with her son Kyle, who she adopted while living in India. He’s also adorable.)
3) L.Rose Designs

Lauren Rose has one of those design styles that absolutely blows me away. Her pieces are flawless and perfect for every occasion. (From her Facebook page:) “She uses the finest materials available including a variety of semi-precious stones, shell, wood, freshwater pearls, swarovski crystals, sterling silver and other organic materials including 100% natural sea glass.” Head on over to L.ROSE DESIGNS now to see more of her gorgeous creations.

here I am rocking the Equality necklace
(one of my favorite pieces in the shop!)
fun fact: I LOVE acorns (and I love these!)
Green Cat’s Eye Gemstone Earrings
Aqua Blue Starfish Necklace


4) Give Back
One of the easiest gifts that you can give is the gift of donation. So if you’re stumped on what to get someone, why not give back in their honor? The Love Infinitely Project, an organization that I am a proud member of, is participating in this year’s CROWDRISE WINTER CHALLENGE. The Love Infinitely Project is on a mission to change the world by encouraging people to use their natural talents to give back. Here are some of the plans that the LIP has for the future:
-Developing volunteer training programs and becoming a primary source for all who wish to volunteer. -Our goal is to fund volunteer missions (either partially or wholly) for those who wish to get out in the world and create change.
-Creating an emergency response team that is ready to help wherever disaster strikes whether it be in the United States or abroad.
-Organizing a network of volunteers around the world who help future activist and volunteers in their communities. We call this network our Global Love Leaders – as they are the people out in the world, making changes and spreading love.
-Partnering with animal recuse organizations such as Animal Aid in India, Farm Sanctuary in California and New York, and the Animal Rescue Corps.
-Promoting various Art as Activism programs where people feel empowered to use their natural talents to change the world
Crowdrise Winter Challenge
The Love Infinitely Project
Visit, spread the word, and donate to the LIP Crowdrise Winter Challenge Fundraiser!
*** What are some of your favorite holiday gifts this year? Comment below! 


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