Memorial Day Celebrations…

Hey y’all! Happy belated Memorial Day!

This past “weekend” (our days off fall on Monday and Tuesday) Stephen and I decided to chase the warmer weather and go camping for Memorial Day. Because we are both in the hospitality industry, having Memorial Day off is a rarity and we decided to take full advantage of it!

It had been flurrying in Jackson here and there, so Stephen did a little research on Sunday night and looked into some state parks over in Idaho. On Monday morning he woke me up and said, “Get dressed, we’re going camping!” I had been thinking that it was a pipe dream – we hadn’t been camping since our trip across the country, and life (and by life I mean, laundry, food shopping, bills, house cleaning, etc) usually gets in the way on our days off because we put it off so bad throughout the week. But this time we just put all of our chores back burner and pack up the car!

Stephen found a Massacre State Park right outside of Pocatello, ID. It took us about 3 ½ hours to get there, but the Teton Pass can be a little tricky with traffic, weather, etc.  Once we were there, it honestly felt like we were in another world. 

The climate reminded me of the Southwest (less dry, of course) with the dirt and brush. New Mexico and Arizona were my favorite stops along our trip so I loved the familiarity of it! 
One of my favorite things about traveling with Stephen is that he doesn’t like to waste time. Once we had the tent set up and grabbed out pads and bags from the car, he was ready to explore and fish. After a short hike, we landed in this little spot. I brought a Mexican blanket from the car so that I could lay out and read while Stephen focused on catching us some trout for dinner. Normally I’d be up in his business trying my luck (I’m getting better with casting!) but my book was so good and the silence was so nice that I couldn’t help but sit back and relax. Sometimes, doing the things that you love the most with the people that you love the most don’t need any words at all 🙂 
Unfortunately, the trout weren’t biting. I think that all of the weekend fishing for Memorial Day scared them away. We did however see about 20 “tail dancing carp” as we donned them, which was crazy. They would flip out of the water and tail dance on the surface long enough for us to be completely captivated by them. Carp fishing has quite a following because they are smart fish who will always put up a fight. 
If you’re not drinking boxed wine, then you definitely should be. My personal favorite are Bandit (pictured above) and Bota Box, which comes in a smaller, “personal” size (or as I like to refer to it, my “juice box”). This isn’t your classy high school Franzia, people. Boxed wine packaged in TetraPak is way better for the environment, and if you’re like me and prefer to bring a little wine camping, you won’t look so out of place like you normally would with a fancy glass bottle of wine. Plus, the best part is that you typically get 750mL in a bottle of wine – these new boxes are 1.0 Liter, so you’re actually getting MORE! Bandit is priced around $5, and Bota Box is usually around the same. You can also get larger boxes (Pepperwood has a box that equals almost 4 bottles of wine for around $25, AND if you’re getting it for personal use, it lasts up to 4 weeks in the new packaging!) So head on over to your local liquor store and pick up a box. I promise you will be pleasantly surprised!
Once the fire was burning and the stars came out, we laid out on our blanket and used our Star Chart/Star Walk apps (yep, I just went there) to look up at the constellations. We weren’t too far from town, so there was still a little light pollution, but the stars look so much more beautiful when you’re lying underneath of them and camping. I think that having your phone is a necessary evil when camping – there were many times during our trip across the country when we needed them, and there were also times when we backcountry camped and had no cell phone service whatsoever. Those nights always made me nervous – I’d rather call for help then send smoke signals! So I definitely like to have service, but I also love having it off too 🙂
In the morning we went on a short little hike and climbed a few rocks to some pretty amazing lookout points. The little white specks over my right shoulder are all pelicans – they travel in packs and make a lot of noise, but they have always been one of my favorite animals. I think they’re fascinating! 
I was sad for our camping adventure to be over, but the trip was exactly what we needed. Stephen and I spent three weeks in the car together, learning about life, the road, and each other, and somehow being back in that element helps us to recharge as people and as a couple. I can’t wait for our next adventure! xo

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