For a $10 permit, we were able to buy a pass to go into Bridger-Teton National Forest and cut down our very own Christmas tree 🙂 I honestly thought that it was going to be a lot easier than it turned out to be – we hiked for about an hour before we found this one – and for some reason I thought that there would just be hundreds of thousands of tree groves just waiting for us to pick the perfect one. I would have taken about 10, but Stephen was committed to finding the perfect tree for our adventure. I love this one – as soon as I saw it I noticed its flaws AND its beauty. It’s sparse in sections but the green color is absolutely breathtaking. It’s a REAL tree that we cut down ourselves! I love it! 

When we got home, I decided it was time for a hot toddy. I was freezing after our trek through the woods and figured it would be nice to warm up with. 🙂 We got out all of our ornaments and began to decorate. Luckily, we were about to find an 82-piece set from K-Mart for only $12.99 (on sale). This was nice because I made a lot of ornaments but we wanted something a little more traditional on the tree as well. I love colored lights, and I love making construction-paper chains every Christmas. We had them hanging around the house, but my OCD was kicking in and when the chains weren’t perfect I’d go nuts. So we found a much better use for them – tree stand blankies! We definitely weren’t going to invest in a tree stand cover… the lowest priced one we could find was $20 and at this point in our lives it just seemed like a waste. I love the chains! They go so cute with the tree! Our angel… Well, the pink and the flowers are a little tacky. But the reason why I fell in love with it (another item that I wouldn’t leave the store without) is because my great aunt – who I fondly referred to as Aunt Decky, God rest her soul – crocheted my mom and dad hundreds of ornaments – and this angel is an exact replica of one that she made (again… aside from the pink and flowers!). Stephen insisted that we get it after I told him the story… which made me so happy. He knows how important family is and knew it would bring me a little closer to home during the holiday season. I love him for that! 

I really love our tree. I just keep staring at it and thinking about all that I am grateful for this holiday season. So much love and gratitude! 🙂 

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