Do you think you would feel as certain about your current partner if you had never experienced serious relationships with others in the past?

I would certainly like to think so! 

I think that all past “serious” relationships served me with lessons on how to act as an individual person and as one-half of a relationship. Those relationships taught me SO much about myself and really allowed me to create a better idea of what I wanted in a partner and companion. I also think that when I met Stephen I was in such a strong, motivated place. I was in a “refuse to settle” mindset, and I’ll admit – I tried to find something wrong with Stephen for a long time, which I think is why it took us almost of year of being friends for me to finally give in and accept that he was exactly what I was looking for. Not everyone is out to hurt you or break your spirit, and that lesson was definitely learned over time.

Stephen possesses qualities that I have been looking for since I started dating. I wouldn’t know what those qualities were without going through those other relationships though. “If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.” -Dolly Parton

PS, why Anon? We’re all friends here 🙂 

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