Currently Reading: “From This Moment On”, Shania Twain’s autobiography

First off, Shania Twain is an AMAZING writer. I shouldn’t be surprised; I grew up dancing around the house and listening to her “Come On Over” album on Saturday mornings while my parents did their ritual weekend cleaning. Her lyrics and words served as more than just something to sing along to. She has spunk. She’s got spirit, she’s brave, and hello – she’s flipping a flipping ROCKSTAR! 

“From This Moment On” should be read by all, not just limited to country music fans. Shania grew up near Ontario, where she and her family lived in extremely poor conditions throughout her childhood. Music became her savior. This book will relate to anyone who has had to deal with ANY type of struggle in their life. 

Go on, pick up a copy at your local library! 🙂 


from EXTRA

The Grove in Los Angeles, CA 5/12/11

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