I wasn’t prepared for the snow. 

I mean, yes, I knew that it was going to be snowing here all winter long and that it would be freezing cold… I just don’t think that I was prepared for it so soon. 

Due to a number of variable factors, we had to cut the trip a little short. After Portland, we were due to head up to Seattle & Spokane (WA), and then head over to Glacier & Big Sky (MT). That, of course, was before we heard about the weather. We heard that it was snowing up in Glacier, which was something that we knew we might run into, but then we heard that it was snowing in Jackson. 

As a girl who spent her adolescent Octobers playing soccer and enjoying the quietness of beach days in sweats, my first thought was, “Snow? But it’s too soon…” I suppose this is the price that my tan lined butt has to pay for being able to snowboard all winter long at the best resort in the country. OK, fair trade.

From Portland, we hightailed it over to Idaho Falls, and then over to Jackson. It was exactly three weeks to the day that we were able to shut a door instead up zipping up a tent. And it was nice. We went out and bought the essentials for a new apartment (don’t you wish that they had like, a kit? “Apartment Furnishings in a Box, on sale now!”) Luckily, we were able to strike gold and get a furnished apartment, so we only needed those things that make a “house” a “home (Stephen has soon learned that according to me, it’s lavender scented candles, picture frames, and place mats). 

At the end of the day, our adventure thus far has easily surpassed any expectation that I ever had. And the best part? It’s not over. We’re going to have many more road trips, vacations, and travels in our future. The cross country road trip that brought us to Jackson for the winter is just the beginning. Every single day that I have the opportunity with spend with Stephen I count my blessings and thank my lucky stars that I have such an amazing companion to spend this rad life with. How did I manage to be so blessed? Yesterday we sat across from each other at the kitchen table and made funny faces at each other for at least 20 minutes, giggling the entire time (life without cable/internet, maybe). Prior to meeting him, if you would have asked me what I looked for in a partner, the first thing that I would have said was "someone that makes me laugh as much as my Dad makes my Mom laugh after 40 years”. I laugh every day. Sometimes I snort, too. 



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