Santa Fe

So after exploring more of Santa Fe we decided to stay an extra night, so we stayed at the local Hyatt that is brand new and gorgeous. We just couldn’t get enough of Santa Fe!

Yesterday we started out at the Railyard Farmer’s Market and Art Market. It was probably one of the best Farmer’s Markets that I’ve ever been too! There were so many people there – both locals and out of towners – just exploring and enjoying the weather and company. Many people brought huge recycled bags to put their fresh veggies in for the week, and so many people were buying bunches of flowers “just because”. Dahlias are big down here and they were beautiful – I wish we had a place to keep them!

I ended up buying an entire crate of yellow cherry tomatoes. I think my body was craving them! Stephen thought it was a little silly, but after he tasted them he agreed – delicious! We grabbed a “slice” of pumpkin pinole bread and took bites in between drinking our apple cider slushies. The art market was fun too – a lot of crafters and artists selling their products. The people were so friendly! Everyone just wanted to talk and introduce themselves, it wasn’t like most markets where people are pushing their product or don’t want to talk to you if you’re not interested in a buy. Sometimes I feel like as a twenty-something especially people don’t take me seriously, especially when I’m looking at art that I know I can’t afford. But instead, these people were just happy that you were looking at their things and excited to tell you their story. It was a nice change of pace!

After the Farmer’s Market we went downtown where we just walked around, explored, and took pictures. Santa Fe is VERY photogenic, so Stephen was patient with me as I tried to get all of the shots that I wanted. We even went into two Catholic churches – one being the Loretto (Site of the Miraculous Staircase) and the other being St. Francis Assisi. (You know that long chain that’s always tucked into my shirt? Yep, it’s my St. Francis medal!) Both were really fun places to photograph.

We also went to the Georgia O’Keefe Museum before dinner. I like art, but I’m typically one of those people who gets so inspired by things that walking around a museum prohibits me from actually creating. As weird as it sounds… museums, galleries, showcases… They make me extremely antsy! So I’m sure you can imagine my surprise when I totally fell in love with her work. I was sort of impartial to her before, but we sat and watched the video on her history for about 20 minutes and after that I had a new respect for her, especially after hearing that 1) she thought that art classes were too ‘academic’ and she didn’t have room to breathe (hello, have you met me?) and 2) she moved to the mountains in New Mexico because she said something along the lines of that she felt if she painted them enough God would give the mountain to her. I LOVE that line!!! So a big shout out to my amazing boyfriend Stephen for coming up with the idea to do this. 🙂

Before dinner we went to Kakawa Chocolate House and had dark chocolate covered chili peppers. WHEW! They were very hot but also really yummy, in a different sort of way! We had hard about Kakawa on Heat Seekers (we are total Food Network addicts) and had to stop by. We also picked another Heat Seekers stop for dinner, Cowgirl BBQ. The live entertainment and local vibe was a pretty good time, I’m glad we were able to stop by and have a nice meal before heading to bed.

Today we’re going to Taos to see the town there and the pueblos. I’m very excited – Stephen said this is something that he did when he was a little kid and knows that I would enjoy it! Can’t wait, more updates soon…xx

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