day three, loving [our] life…

First off, thank you SO much for all of your well wishes and kind words! It’s amazing how supportive everyone has been of our trip and I love that so many of our friends and family are following us along our journey! 

During our drive to Monongahela National Forest we got to see A LOT of West Virginia. The roads are rolling at there are tons of overpasses and mountains… Luckily Stephen was driving at this point 🙂 The scenery was beautiful though! We stopped off at a Kroger and picked up some essentials for the evening, including our dinner – tofu and stir fry veggies. Stephen actually picked up the tofu, which I LOVE because it is one of my favorite foods, especially in a stir fry! 

We set up the tent and had a nice little night at the Stuart Campground. Originally we had planned to go to Big Bend Campground, and realized that it was on the opposite of the forest which was a lot larger than we anticipated – but hey, that’s what road tripping is all about – changing your plans and going with the flow. In the end, we had a great night. It was mostly an RV park but the people were super friendly and the facilities were very clean. We put all of our gear to use too!

We got up fairly early, made oatmeal + coffee and got on the road to Cumberland Gap Historical National Park. We drove around for awhile and realized that it meets right were Tennessee, Virginia, and Kentucky all cross. We stayed at the Wilderness Road Campground (Virginia) and had a nice hike last night AND this morning. We went to a quick local stop for dinner – we wanted to make sure that we got enough hours of daylight in for our hike and were less concerned with cooking. This morning’s hike was beautiful – we found some walking sticks along the way which I was very excited about, until Stephen thought that his touched some poison ivy and then we threw them away (mine was fine but I told him we’re in it together! Haha). This morning we had our oatmeal + coffee again and I told Stephen I was having the time of my life… I have this smile that I can’t seem to wipe off my face! 

After our breakfast and hike, we drove to the Pinnacle Scenic Overlook (pictures above) and it was gorgeous. It overlooks all 3 states (KY, TN, VA) and we took pictures up there. I’m a little afraid of heights, but I felt alive and exhilarated. The air was SO fresh.

Right now we’re staying at a hotel in downtown Nashville – we wanted to be able to enjoy the downtown area (if you know me then you know I am a TOTAL country girl!) so we knew going into it that we wouldn’t be camping tonight. We stopped off at Hog Heaven on our way in – it was a little place on the side of the road where you walked up and ordered a sandwich. We both got pulled pork and right then and there were SO thankful for Nashville and the delicious food.

Cheers to tonight! 😉 

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