Why Alessandra Ambrosio loves her body?

I like my body because it gave my the most incredible thing in this world, which is my daughter, Anja Louise. Now that I’m a mom, I’m very conscious in taking care of my body. I love to do yoga, because it makes me very flexible. And it calms my mind. My favorite part of my body, it’s my hands. Coz it’s very long, you know, it can grab a lots of things, lots of snacks, and I can play piano for my daughter. You know they kind of look weird coz they’re very long, they’re kind of like a bird but I like it. There’s a lot of energy in this body. I can run, I can surf, I can do yoga, I can go out and dance, I can work, I can play with my daughter so I’m very energetic. My body means life to me.

I understand that she is a total hottie, but she is also a Hot MAMA. I wish that EVERYONE felt this way about their body.

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