Day 1 – Pride. Seven great things about yourself.

Oh gosh. 

1) My musical background. If there is one thing I know, it’s music.

2) My ability to love. I have this huge heart that I am just waiting to share with everyone. I used to live in fear and I don’t anymore… I want to breathe deep and experience it all. 

3) Even better, my ability to forgive. Sometimes I think that it’s my worst quality… but who wants to hold onto a grudge for a lifetime? Life’s too short. 

4) My spontaneity. Road trip across the US? Pack your bags, grab the RHCP collection, and groove. Let’s do it, right now.

5) My family/friends. I’ve weeded out those who don’t matter and kept those who do. I love that I have surrounded myself with such an amazing support group.

6) Mondo-literacy. Simple, but I’m smart. And smart is sexy. Girls who read books with substance are even sexier. Eat your heart out, nerds. 

7) FASHION. It can’t be worn? Oh hell yes it can. 

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